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A century-old craft of holding scent in a bottle, reliving it through memories of the fragrances, and spreading good vibes is what Nefarious Perfumes brings you.


A bottle of perfume is more than the sum of its parts, creating a world within which the wearer can explore, pretend, and escape. Perfumes are not only about our personal pursuits but about leaving a lasting impression of our personality.

Memories that stay like a pressed flower between poetry, giving it a life forever which you want to wear again and again. Perfumes enchanted with beautiful oils crafted with one of its delicate artistry. 


Nefarious brings you a collection of beguiling fragrances. It is said that “Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance.” 

Nefarious brings the Limelight to you by cutting right through the sea of existing brands, offering you a very subjective preference of perfumes that speaks personally. Capturing the essence of all things beautiful,

we have crafted a wicked collection that portrays Ebullience and unmatched elegance to give lasting memories.

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