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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Perfumes are man’s biggest accessory. Perfumes are like a man’s identity which defines its personality, style and creates an impression when he steps out and meets people. Perfumes can add to the charm of any man. We all agree that it’s of no use when you are all dressed up but smell bad, that could be worse. When you smell good, you feel confident.

The choice of perfumes depends on your personal taste or on the occasion. Whether you like strong, classy, elegant, sporty, subtle or sexy fragrances, the options are plenty to choose.

We’ve curated a list of 10 best perfumes that you can own:

Smokin Hot

A robust scent yet mellow that is perfect to wear at work every day. Capturing the scent of a fleeting moment and keeping it intact, is a perfume that will make you feel smokin hot. The fragrance begins with soft and earthy green top notes and travels into a masculine blend of coffee and tobacco. But above all, as you will discover the enchanted flavor of Orris, is truly a delight.

Dapper Vetiver

A perfume crafted for those who prefer to look their sharp and dapper self. Opening with fresh bergamot & sparkling pink pepper the cool top is balanced over a heavy heart of jasmine, vetiver & oud. A contrasting blend of delicate & frozen accords that keeps your scent sophisticated with an everlasting silage.

Vicious Leather

A Voyage of flavors that starts with hints of Bergamot, diving right into a fragrance of sea filled with roses and Patchouli. Vicious Leather wafts through the window, blending with warm amber to form a most delicate blend — a powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and expensive saffron notes. The notes of the perfume are a progressing dance of scents that comes and goes and comes back again. Vicious Leather is a fragrance designed to turn heads gently.

Exotic Cardamon

A fragrance that explores a journey down memory lane. Leather is, no doubt, a vibrant and soulful scent with facets of vivid exoticism. A deeply romantic fragrance that can be worn on a date to leave a lasting impression. Exotic Cardamom opens with a rush of gorgeously, bergamot illuminates a wondrous and wild blend of green, herbal spices, Cardamom, cumin, and saffron imprinting their set of notes.

Mafioso Tobacco

A unique blend of Tobacco and Oud that paints the history of Villains that are impressionable like the fumes of tobacco. Mafioso Tobacco is the perfect blend for parties and casino nights. Inspired by a blend of herbs, flowers, and spice-laden, the tobacco makes it mesmerizing on you. Capturing the touch of history into the essence of precious oud resin and the aromatic blend of dokha tobacco smoke.

Sensual Oud

A perfume that smells like the ocean, sensual yet, fresh. Beginning with a fresh, purifying ozonic top and zesty bergamot peel elegantly crafted with an essence of a beautiful bouquet of white florals. Perfect to wear on dates and outings with your loved ones. The silage reveals a strong character of oud blended with potent ambergris & musk leaving unspoken stories.

Tipsy Rum

Discover Tipsy Rum Eau De Parfum for Men & Women at velvety texture of rum balanced with vetiver essence yields a kind of bohemian vibe — a villainous Fragrance best suited for a casual outing or a concert. Along the journey, the scent turns out even more sophisticated and soft as the scent mellows into cyanide.

Cuban Tobacco

A fragrance that doesn’t avoid its power, the Turkish Tobacco Eau de perfume from Nefarious Perfumes is an attractive and appealing delight, with smoke and zest at its heart. When spritzed, the natural dim notes grab hold at that point offer approach to fresher layers of white pear, green apple, oud, jasmine, vetiver, and Madagascan vanilla.

Arabian Oud

The Arabian Oud Perfume by Nefarious Perfumes is an on-request manifestation for individuals who love to wear middle eastern scents. This Blend radiates an extremely fragile and inconspicuous opening that transforms into a fiery and warm heart. The delicate opening tenderly breakers into a scramble of heat with florals. The delicateness of sandalwood, vetiver, Damascus rose and patchouli offer a rich profundity over precious amber. This creation presents sensitivity to the wearer in which it’s fragrance is delicate yet advancing.

French Vetiver

Your Daily Dose of newness. the French Vetiver from Nefarious Perfumes drastically reevaluates the customary vetiver aroma. This aroma implants every one of the three pieces of the plant: the gritty root, the verdant leaves, and the rich heart to renew the mix. The outcome is an aroma suggestive of waiting summers, strengthening and enthusiastic – it leaves a charming quality of newness.

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