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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Nefarious is the brand that indulges you to present your best self. Nefarious understands how unique you are and we have created scents that highlight your personality and multiply your charm. Fruity, Aquatic, Musk, Woody and the list goes on with so many perfume options available to suit every personality worldwide.


  • We are one of the best niche perfumery house in India.

  • 40 available fragrances to choose from.

  • Rightly priced and lucrative offers and other discounts to choose from.

  • Try and buy option available.

  • Free delivery of our perfumes at your doorstep.

We are the one of the most premium niche perfumery house in India.

Nefarious is a brand that's known for high quality of perfumes and various options to choose from also with a super efficient customer service practices followed.

We design powerful and long lasting fragrances for specific situations in order to get you all the compliments wherever you go.

Our goal is to help you find the best fragrance by offering you a perfume that is designed to suit your personality and get compliments.

With so many perfume options out there decisions to buy the right one can get difficult, This is true when you notice a perfume online and your nose hasn’t been able to experience it but with our unique Try and buy option we are here to help you find the best perfume for yourself.

Hassle free, convenient shopping experience to buy your favorite fragrance with experts by your side always in case of any query.

Our youtube channel is a fantastic way of keeping up with what’s out there in the world of fragrance. Our YouTube videos deliver compact stories and concise descriptions of our brand, specification of different fragrances and not to forget our new launches, offers and discounts.

On our blog page, you will find a very detailed description of the fragrances we sell.

We are constantly in touch with our customers updating about our new launch, offers, reviews from bloggers, giveaways and much more. Any queries related to any selection of fragrance, we are just a DM away.

Regular posting about our fragrances, updates of our new or upcoming perfumes, detailed descriptions of the fragrances will help you to choose the best. We believe you deserve to wear nothing but the best fragrance, and that is exactly what we have crafted for you.


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