Updated: Mar 24, 2021

After spraying an Nefarious luxury perfume, every fragrance lover expects it to last a little longer on them. This is the reason why most of us are ready to spend more than we can afford on any perfume. However, not all the brands that promise to deliver a lasting scent are able to do so. There can be several reasons why you may not be smelling the way you wish to, and you need to find out the reason first in order to rectify the issue.

Quality Of The Nefarious Perfume:

Quality of the perfume is one of the biggest reasons behind it not being able to last long on your body. Several perfume brands that promise a lasting effect will only stay for about 2-3 hours on your skin, drying out with a very faint scent. This can be due to the low concentration of perfume essence and oils in the base. You should also focus on the kind of perfume you are buying. Sometimes, the packaging of all types perfumes of the same variant have a similar feature which can be confusing. It is better to read out all the details that are written on the perfume bottle to know what you are purchasing. Eau de parfum is able to last for 8-10 hours, Eau de toilette is able to last