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Luxury Series Perfume by Nefarious

Designer luxury series perfumes and fragrances by Nefarious which is specially handcrafted you. Choose from a wide range of 9 enticing perfumes that will leave you mesmerized.

Dapper Vetiver

A contrasting blend of delicate & frozen accords

Luxury series perfume crafted for those who prefer to look their sharp and dapper self. Opening with fresh bergamot & sparkling pink pepper the cool top is balanced over a heavy heart of jasmine, vetiver & oud. A contrasting blend of delicate & frozen accords that keeps your scent sophisticated with an everlasting silage. Dapper Vetiver is very much a classic vetiver fragrance at heart, but it does bring something different to the table. This fragrance will make you feel comfortable, confident and most importantly you smell fantastic.

HEAD NOTES : Bergamot and Pink Pepper

MIDDLE NOTES : Vetiver Oud Jasmine

BASE NOTES : Sandalwood Ambergris and Musk

Vicious Leather

A powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and expensive saffron notes

A Voyage of flavors that starts with hints of Bergamot, diving right into a fragrance of sea filled with roses and Patchouli. Vicious Leather wafts through the window, blending with warm amber to form a most delicate blend — a powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and expensive saffron notes. The notes of the perfume are a progressing dance of scents that comes and goes and comes back again. Vicious Leather is an exotic blend of woody, floral and oud intense notes with just the right amount of leather. Vicious Leather is a Luxury series perfume designed to turn heads gently.

HEAD NOTES : Bergamot from Sicily.

MIDDLE NOTES :Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Leaves of Patchouli.

BASE NOTES :Amber, Intense Leather, Oakmoss & Woody Notes.

Smokin Hot

A scent made with bliss and greens of Tobacco.

Smokin Hot perfume by Nefarious a robust scent yet mellow that is perfect to wear at work every day. Capturing the scent of a fleeting moment and keeping it intact, is a perfume that will make you feel smokin hot. The fragrance begins with soft and earthy green top notes and travels into a masculine blend of coffee and tobacco. But above all, as you will discover the enchanted flavor of Orris, is truly a delight.

HEAD NOTES : Tobacco, Green

MIDDLE NOTES : Cannabis, Coffee, Woodsy notes and Resins

BASE NOTES : Oud, Incense

Rose In Vogue

The fragrance emphasizes on agarwood (oud), Bulgarian and Turkish rose, violet, benzoin, and vanilla.

Roses that will ram their thorns firmly into the skin and leave an incredible presence. Best suited to feel your elegant self on an important Interview or Conference. Rose in Vogue is a blend of oriental spices, exquisite oud, florals, and a delicious base that combine the flow across the skin in delicate delight. A scent that’s clean and subtle should be your olfactory weapon of choice. fragrance of Rose in Vogue will make people compliment where ever you go.

HEAD NOTES : Violet Heart

MIDDLE NOTES : Laotian oud, Bulgarian rose, and Turkish rose

BASE NOTES : Vanilla and Amber

Exotic Cardamom

An Exotic Fragrance with hints cardamom and leather

Cardamom in Perfumery “Queen of Spices”. A fragrance that explores a journey down memory lane. Leather is, no doubt, a vibrant and soulful scent with facets of vivid exoticism. A deeply romantic fragrance that can be worn on a date to leave a lasting impression. Exotic Cardamom opens with a rush of gorgeously, bergamot illuminates a wondrous and wild blend of green, herbal spices, Cardamom, cumin, and saffron imprinting their set of notes. This perfume is kind of style which instantly makes everyone more stylish and chic.Perfect to wear on dates, special days and outings with your loved ones. Give Luxury Series perfume Exotic Cardamom a try it will be worth it Buy Now!

HEADNOTES : Bergamot, Saffron, Cumin

MIDDLE NOTES :Geranium, Cardamom, Leather

BASE NOTES :Oud, Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk


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