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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to apply a perfume that makes it last long and smell at its best?

Find out how to and where to apply fragrance for a long-lasting perfume. These tips and tricks will boost your perfume and make you smell amazing all the time.

Take a shower or bath before applying the perfume

To make your perfume smell long lasting apply it right after you take a shower or bath, but your skin should not be wet before applying make sure that your skin is dry.

Moisturized your skin

To make your perfume more long lasting apply moisturize on your skin or a body lotion and then apply your perfume.

Apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

If your skin is too dry its recommended to apply some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) This will make sure that the perfume stays on the petroleum jelly and not sinking into your skin pores, for a long-lasting fragrance.

Apply fragrance on right pulse points

“Pulse Points” are unit areas of the body that have blood vessels on the brink of the skin. Which includes the inner wrists, behind ear, the base of the throat or neck, cleavage, belly button, below the midriff, the inner elbows, behind the knees, the ankle and calf. These spots are the best to apply the perfume to keep in long lasting.

Don’t rub your wrist

After you apply the perfume on your wrist don’t rub your wrist that will make the top notes of perfumes disappear . It will make your perfume smell differently and last less.

Spray from a distance

While you are spraying the perfume hold the bottle 5-7 inches away that will prevent large drops of perfume on your skin.

Apply Perfume your hair

Apply perfume only on clean hair that is free of oil so as not to affect the scent. Apply the perfume from a distance as the alcohol in the perfume could dry out the hair strand. Also the best way is that you could spray the perfume on a brush and afterwards run it through your hair.

Store perfume properly

Store your perfumes in a cool dry place. Always store your perfume in a box at room temperature. Hot temperature will cause chemical reaction in the perfume and make the scent to disappear faster.

Don’t Store It in the bathroom

Humidity and dampness will break down the perfume and weaken the fragrance, so it is advisable not to keep it in the bathroom & to keep it in your bedroom instead.

Don’t Apply too much perfume

If you end up wearing to much perfume the correct fragrance won't be visible it will be overpowering. Also it is recommend to spray 3-4 sprays not too much also. Too heavy perfumes can also cause headache if you apply a lot.

I hope these tips and tricks help you on how to wear perfume & make it last longer & will be helpful for you to get the most of your perfume.

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