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Nefarious perfume & fragrance concept presents 15 new and luxurious fragrances named “Kintsugi World Series”

French Vetiver

Your Daily Dose of newness. The French Vetiver from Nefarious Perfumes drastically reevaluates the customary vetiver aroma. This aroma implants every one of the three pieces of the plant: the gritty root, the verdant leaves, and the rich heart to renew the mix. The outcome is an aroma suggestive of waiting summers, strengthening and enthusiastic – it leaves a charming quality of newness.

Cambodian Oud

This extreme mix shows the force of Cambodian oud, joined with Indonesian patchouli leaves over a strong base of mandarin, musk, and flower petals. it’s an uncommon excursion to some place you have never been and can’t stand by to come back to. An aroma for those looking for a profoundly oud based enraged rose and sandalwood scent, it would have loaned itself consummately to an Eastern array of mistresses.

Russian Blackcurrant

As luxurious as it sounds, notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, and coconut have been combined with white peach, rose, violet, jasmine, vanilla, and white musk. The outcome? An aroma that is as calming as it is empowering. The Russian Blackcurrant powers this creation, coconut, and peach cast a gauzy cover of natural product over the vanilla accord, itself sheer and scarcely sweet. The delicious berries and peach loan a circumspectly coquettish vibe, yet when all is said in done, the absence of sweet pleasantness denotes this out as a refined, grown-up vanilla aroma.

Spanish Strawberry

Spanish Strawberry by Nefarious Perfumes is a fruity-floral perfume with notes of sparkling strawberries and red apples. This creation has top notes of strawberry blackcurrant citrus cocktail and a red apple. Middle notes consist of sweet pea freesia jasmine and rose blended with the base notes of raspberry musk sandalwood and dry amber.

Japanese Flora

A modern chypre reinvented, Japanese Flora opens with deep blackcurrant nectar that softly recedes to airy florals from japan. A base of musky blond wood adds lightness while grounding the fragrance for a lingering, distinctive trail. Chypre, Blackcurrant Nectar, Airy Florals, Musky Blond Wood, and amazing combination.

English Bakery

Persian Cookies from Nefarious Perfumes is your after-supper espresso and pastry served together, in one genuinely rich and debauched aroma. Profound gourmand notes of newly ground espresso, powdered cacao, hot sweet tonka bean, and smooth vanilla make a fragrance suggestive of home-made chocolate cake with corruptly rich vanilla and tonka bean icing.

Brazilian Orange

The adaptability of Malaysian Oud joined with a trace of spice and Brazilian Orange uncovers the honorable heart of patchouly and violets and prompts an enchanting base produced using traces of Indian sandalwood, hide and white musk.

Madagascar Vanilla

Sensitive botanical notes at its heart. Elevated with Nepales Aoud, Saffron, Black Pepper and Cardamom, this fragrance from the house of nefarious perfumes is boosted with base notes of Vanilla Pods from Madagascar, Sensual Gaïacwood and Sandalwood from Mysore.

Cuban Tobaaco

A fragrance that doesn’t avoid its power, the Turkish Tobacco Eau de perfume from Nefarious Perfumes is an attractive and appealing delight, with smoke and zest at its heart. When spritzed, the natural dim notes grab hold at that point and offer an approach to fresher layers of white pear, green apple, oud, jasmine, vetiver, and Madagascan vanilla.

Indonesian Pepper

A flavor based assortment from Nefarious Perfumes, The Intense Indonesian Pepper offers an abundant impact of pink and dark pepper before uncovering a botanical heart. A strong sillage uncovers notes of Malaysian oud, cedarwood, and amber. Intended to ensure the pith it encases, and to add to its general turn of events, this creation is truly hot and spicy.

American Berries

American Berries Eau de Parfum by Nefarious Perfumes contains a cocktail of juicy fruits, romantic flowers, and a touch of warm notes. The playful composition of the perfume will make you feel feminine and irresistible. The opening of the fragrance introduces juicy pineapple, tangerine, maracuja, and sweet strawberry. Then, red berries and the floral notes of peony, lily of the valley, jasmine, and orchid come fort. The impressive base notes include warm woods, musk, and moss. perfect for a date night.

Bulgarian Berries

Bulgarian Rose from Nefarious Perfumes is a flowery woody Oriental scent for people with unmistakable notes of oud wood and roses. This Eau de Parfum presents the amazing brilliance of Bulgarian roses and the sensitivity of violet leaves, lavish sandalwood, and lasting patchouli. Normally, the piece is helped with the enchantment of oud wood. The newness of the roses and the grittiness of the patchouli make a fascinating congruity of contrary energies.

Arabian Oud

The Arabian Oud Perfume by Nefarious Perfumes is an on-request manifestation for individuals who love to wear middle eastern scents. This Blend radiates an extremely fragile and inconspicuous opening that transforms into a fiery and warm heart. The delicate opening tenderly breakers into a scramble of heat with florals. The delicateness of sandalwood, vetiver, Damascus rose and patchouli offer a rich profundity over precious amber. This creation presents sensitivity to the wearer in which it’s fragrance is delicate yet advancing.

Indian Jasmine

Melodiousness of our intensely feminine and floral fragrance this high-quality specialty perfumery by Nefarious is an outlandish blend of Indian jasmine joined with a sweet dose of vanilla, orchids, and saffron. Red berries gives it an ideal fruity mix with base notes of golden, sandalwood, and musk.

Australian Lime

Australian Lime Eau de perfume by Nefarious Perfumes combines a breath of spices, ambery notes, sensual rose, and black leather. With notes of patchouli, white musk, and sandalwood. The top spicy notes subtly hint at the rich character of Black Lime, bringing out into the light the woody accord of patchouli, guaiac wood, and sandalwood. Leather and amber softened with deep red rose give the fragrance a mysterious seductive air. Shop Now only at Nefarious Perfumes & Fragrance Concept.


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