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Premium Series perfumes by Nefarious

Updated: Mar 24, 2021


Adorable Vanilla

A sweet Fragrance with hints of the tropics.

Adorable Vanilla, the name itself suggests a sweet tempting fragrance.

A sweet fragrance of jasmine with coconut is perfect to wear on summer beach date, beaches, party. This fragrance is one of the most sensual ones available. This fragrance is usually mixed with other exotic fruits and flower to make perfumes that are both sensual and warm. The intoxicating scent of vanilla and peach is guaranteed to leave a lingering impression. The fragrance smells like islands in a bottle.

HEADNOTES : Coconut, White Peach.

MIDDLE NOTES : Ylang-Ylang, Tiare Flowers & Egyptian Jasmine.

BASE NOTES : Woody Notes, Vanilla Pods from Madagascar & Sensual White Musk.

Bewitching Cinnamon

A powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and precious amber & musk notes

Cinnamon is spicy, enticing, sweet and comforting. Bewitching Cinnamon fragrance by Nefarious is all in one its is delightful, sweet and sensuous aroma of cinnamon will drive you crazy. Beginning with aromatic cinnamon and species, diving right into the soft freshness of Rose and Patchouli. A fragrance made for personalities that are glorious like the base notes of amber and musk. Best to wear on weddings, special occasion this fragrance will make you stand apart from the crowd and make you feel pleasant on your special day.

HEADNOTES : Cinnamon and Spicy

MIDDLE NOTES : Patchouli, Rose, and Incense

BASE NOTES : Amber, Balsamic and Musk

Delish Rose

An alluring Fragrance with roses that will leave you mesmerized.

Roses are a symbol of romance. Premium series fragrance of Delish Rose by Nefarious is heavenly which is beyond this world strong and pleasant fragrance will leave you mesmerized. Escape from your meticulous scent and smell tempting, perhaps Delish like a rose. A floral scent made up of sumptuous and gorgeous Rosa and Vanilla. Vanilla playing sweet yet enticing enough to capture the attention of those around you. Roses in a bottle and you can wear it everyday, long lasting can be a gift to yourself as well as best to gift your loved ones. Fragrances of roses will make people compliment where ever you go. Delish Rose is the Perfume that will work wonders best to wear on special date, wedding or just a special day.

HEADNOTES :Fresh Lemon of Calabria.

MIDDLE NOTES : Turkish delight with Rose.

BASE NOTES : Cedarwood, Intense Vanilla & White Musk.

Mafioso Tobacco

A majestic blend of Oud and a touch of Arabic Tobacco.

Mafioso Tobacco by Nefarious is deep, comforting, and warm note with a rather sweet scent. Perfumes featuring tobacco are classy, chic, and timeless. A unique blend of Tobacco and Oud that paints the history of Villains that are impressionable like the fumes of tobacco. Tobacco blends very well with woody, spicy, earthy, and sweet notes like sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla. Capturing the touch of history into the essence of precious oud resin and the aromatic blend of dokha tobacco smoke. Mafioso Tobacco is the perfect blend for parties and casino nights. This perfume is kind of style which instantly makes everyone more adventurous and chic.


MIDDLE NOTES : Cinnamon and spicy notes

BASE NOTES : Agarwood, Tobacco, Sandalwood, and Patchouli

Mysterious Amber

A sensual perfume with a rich depth of flora’s and a sense of lingering rose.

Amber has been famous for its charm, warmth, and grace ever since antiquity. Mysterious Amber by Nefarious is warm, rich fragrance with oriental and earthy notes. Made with top fruity notes that are skillfully blended with a heart of elegant, the queen rose — taking the perfume towards soothing sandalwood and amber and the signature of pink musk. Perfect to wear on special date, wedding or just a special day.

HEADNOTES :Red Fruits Pink Musk


BASE NOTES : Amber Musk Sandalwood

Opulent Saffron

With flirty Jasmine and authentic saffron, a high-end sugar sensation creation.

Opulent Saffron is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men .A fragrance crafted to leave a lasting impression. Wear it on a date night and let your encounter be opulent like the lavish Jasmine. The scent will give a woody feeling in the middle notes sober ups the dominant Jasmine leaving Amber wood a leading role. The woody feel continues until the dry-down, where it is accompanied by sweet fir resin and cedar.

HEADNOTES : Jasmine and Saffron


BASE NOTES : Fir Resin and Cedar

Sensual Oud

A rare and precious discovery from the depths of the oceans.

Sensual Oud is one of those examples of French perfumery’s take on Middle Eastern perfumery. A perfume that smells like the ocean, sensual yet, fresh. Beginning with a fresh, purifying ozonic top and zesty bergamot peel elegantly crafted with an essence of a beautiful bouquet of white florals. The silage reveals a strong character of oud blended with potent ambergris & musk leaving unspoken stories. Perfect to wear on dates, special days and outings with your loved ones. Give Premium Series fragrance Sensual Oud a try it will be worth it Buy Now!

HEADNOTES :Bergamot Ozonic Aldehydic

MIDDLE NOTES :Bergamot Ozonic Aldehydic

NOTES : Ambergris Musk Oud

Tipsy Rum

A medley of rum, coffee, and cyanide

Notes of rum are best coupled with chocolate and fresh fruits, and whether you like to drink it or not, you’re sure to love the warm hints of this fragrance. It’s quite bold, Discover Tipsy Rum Eau De Parfum for Men & Women at Nefarious. The velvety texture of rum balanced with vetiver essence yields a kind of bohemian vibes. Along the journey, the scent turns out even more sophisticated and soft as the scent mellows into cyanide. A villainous Fragrance best suited for a casual outing or a concert.


Head Note: Rum, Sugar cane, Dark chocolate

Middle Note: Coffee, Caramel, Almond, Heliotrope,

Base Note: Sandalwood

Wicked Raspberries

A powerful and enigmatic fragrance with fresh fruits, floral, soothing sandalwood and white musk.

A perfume that will remind you of Lucifer; A good soul with wicked personality. The blend begins with Dominant waves of mango and coconut, diving right into fresh citruses, intertwine with raspberry and mango cascading down a tropical, floral garden. A floral scent, it is the integration of raspberry and mango that make it a scintillating allure for the wearer. Its sweetness lies in to show you are not that wicked. Perfect for parties, celebration everyone may stop and stare when you arrive.

A perfume made for personalities that are enigmatic like the base notes of soothing sandalwood and white musk.

HEADNOTES :Citrus Raspberry and Nectarine

MIDDLE NOTES :Mango Rose and Lotus

BASE NOTES :Coconut Musk and Sandalwood


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